Just like the type of car you drive makes a statement about you, the condition of your wheels makes an equally noticeable impression. When you drive around with wheels that are not maintained as well as the rest of the car, this lack of attention to detail sticks out like a sore thumb. If you want to make a good impression, especially if you use your vehicle for business, having your wheels refinished should be high on your list. Instead of replacing your expensive wheels simply because of cosmetic damage, refinishing your wheels can breathe new life into them at a fraction of the cost.

stacked tiresDamaged Wheels:

Drivers don’t intentionally try to damage their wheels, but wheels can become spoiled in their lifetime. There are a couple of methods that you can damage your wheels. One of the most common ways that cause harm is known as curb checking and unwittingly you’ve done it on one or more occasions. It’s when you pull your vehicle into a street curb parking space and the wheel rubs up against the curb causing a scratch, dent or pull of the rim. The other method by which wheels are damaged is the result of the salt used on the roads during the winter months to prevent the pavement from becoming too slick. The excessive use of salt can damage aluminum wheels because it causes corrosion or pitting to the wheel’s exterior finish. Over time, the wheel looks dull and the finish has lost its shine, resulting in a tarnished appearance.

Benefits to Wheel Refinishing:

  • When you compare the cost of replacement, which can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on your car’s make and model, wheel refinishing is a fraction of the cost.
  • Due to the amount of salt or sand used on roads during the harsh winter months, corrosion and pitting of wheels can occur. The wheels become lackluster and really stand out against the rest of the vehicle. Wheel refinishing will restore their shine and protect the wheel over the long term from inclement weather conditions, like the unforgiving winters we experience in the Golden Horseshoe.
  • It’s the little details that make all of the difference and get noticed. The same is true of the exterior of your car. Wheel refinishing makes a dramatic different to the overall appearance of your vehicle.  Like we stated earlier, your vehicle is a direct reflection of you so if you want to impress, you should strongly consider having your wheels refinished.
  • When you have your wheels refinished, you are not only protecting the wheel from corrosion and rust, but you are prolonging the life of the wheels. You will have completely restored wheels that look like new with a shine that is second only to brand new.
  • The better you maintain your vehicle, the better the resale value of the automobile. When you have your wheels refinished, it shows the dealer or potential buyer that you take pride in your car since wheels are one of the most visible features that people see.
  • Over the years, wheels get road build-up accumulated on them. Wheel refinishing will remove this build-up without the abrasive washing products that people use to try and get rid of the build-up.

Refinishing wheels can do so much for your car’s appearance to make your vehicle’s rims shine and look like new again. If you’re interested in having your wheels refinished, please contact us.

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