Winter Preparation for your Car's Windshield

Having your winter tires installed before the snow flies isn’t the only winter preparation your car needs. Your windshield does so much to protect you from danger. Winter is the time to give your windshield some extra care.

Glass is tough. In an accident, your windows, including your windshield provide you with a great deal of your car’s structural strength. Driving around with a compromised windshield, puts you and your passengers in a compromised position. Your airbags also need the structure your windshield provides. In an accident, they work together, and without one or the other, it could be disastrous.

A chipped windshield is always at risk of becoming cracked. When the temperature drops below zero, that chip in your windshield is twice as likely to spread. A chip is easier and less costly to fix than a crack. If you choose to ignore that chip, the chances of making it through the winter with your windshield intact is not good. As water gets in the chip and freezes, that chip spiders your windshield. Taking the time and money to have that chip fixed now, will save you money and time down the road. To encourage you to get your windshield glass chip repaired, Waterdown Collision is providing a windshield stone chip repair special for $55 during the month of November 2016.

When the snow, ice and cold temperatures hit, we all find ourselves scraping and brushing that windshield more times than we can count. All this attention given to keeping your windshield clear puts additional stress on the glass. Before winter hits is the time to dig out that scraper and brush. Using anything metal on the cold surface of your windshield is just asking for a windshield crack or break. A good snow removal tool for your windshield is inexpensive and not hard to find. Invest in a couple so that you don’t find yourself using a shovel.

The varied temperatures that winter can bring are not easy on your windshield. If you are considering pouring boiling water onto your windshield to clear ice quickly, think again. The sudden change in temperature will produce a chip or crack faster than being towed by a stone slinger. Take the time to properly remove the ice and snow. Your windshield will thank you.

Switch out your windshield washer fluid for one that won’t freeze in the cold. A good winter fluid will help to safely loosen ice from the glass.

Consider changing out your windshield wiper blades to a variety that is considered all season or winter. These blades are sturdier and will behave more efficiently during the winter months.

With the winter preparation of your windshield complete, you will certainly drive around confident that you’ve done everything you can to ensure everyone arrives safely. Don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure your windshield is on that winter to-do list this year.

Waterdown Collision is a full service auto repair facility located near Burlington, Ontario.  Among our many services, we offer window and windshield glass repair and replacement.