Remember when you first got your car. Even if it was pre-owned, it came to you all shined up and looking beautiful. But then it happened. An unexpected hail storm. A runaway shopping cart at the grocery store. Some careless jerk who parked too close and then bumped your baby with his door. Suddenly you’ve got a pesky dent – maybe more than one.  Fortunately, paintless dent repair can have your car looking beautiful again!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an excellent method for restoring minor dings and dents in your vehicle. The process involves using metal rods to push out dents from the inside of the panels or sometimes using tabs to pull out dents from the outside.

Skilled technicians work to massage the metal back to its former position without the use of paint or fillers. This technique is ideal for small, shallow dents.

Dents that are deep or that have sharp creases in them are not suitable for paintless dent removal.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

PDR is an efficient and affordable form of auto dent repair. In fact, because of its affordability and effectiveness, it is the preferred method for most insurance companies.

In addition to PDR being ideal for small dent repair, there are more good reasons to preserve your vehicle’s original paint job if at all possible. If one of the deciding factors, when you purchased your vehicle, was that you liked its appearance, then using a paintless method of dent repair will help to preserve your car’s appearance.

Not only is your vehicle’s appearance preserved, so is its value. When a car has been repainted, it is often more difficult to sell, and when it does sell, the resale value is often considerably lower.

Need More Reasons for Choosing PDR for Auto Dent Repair?

  • Affordability – using paintless dent repair is more affordable than conventional auto dent repair. In fact, on average it costs about 60% less!
  • Fast – having your car stuck in an auto body shop is inconvenient in the best of times. But with paintless dent repair, your vehicle will spend considerably less time in the shop. Depending on the number and severity of the dents, PDR can take between 1-3 days. Compare that to weeks with conventional dent removal.
  • Quality – because you will be preserving your vehicle’s original paint finish, you might not even be able to tell there ever was a dent.
  • Insurance coverage – most insurance companies prefer to cover paintless dent repair because it is affordable and helps preserve the value of the car.

Trust Waterdown Collision for Your Auto Dent Repair Needs

Whether we like it or not, eventually a time will come when your vehicle acquires a small ding or dent that you will want to have repaired. For small dent repair that can have your vehicle looking its best once again, you can trust the technicians at Waterdown Collision. For more information, contact us today.