When the air hurts your face, you know it’s winter. When your car suffers from rust and corrosion your car knows it’s winter. You wouldn’t face the frigid and messy days that winter can bring without a coat, so don’t let your car go out in this weather without a little protection as well.

All that salt, sand, ice and snow can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Without something to protect it from these elements, corrosion and rust will take hold and grow, leaving your car at risk and shortening its life. With the arrival of winter, your car will no doubt be sporting winter tires, new wipers, cold weather fluids and an emergency car kit.  Make sure you take care of the body of your car with Krown Rust Control.

Krown Rust Control is a spray application like none other. The application is applied by a trained technician and ensures that every corner and crack on the underside of your car is coated and will create a moisture resistant bond. Krown Rust Control will continue to repel water throughout the year.

Not Only Good for your Car

It’s not just what’s in Krown Rust Control that makes it superior to other undercoating rust systems, it’s what isn’t in it that makes it a leader. The Krown formula is solvent free and contains no toxins. Krown does not contaminate soil, harm our waters and lakes or poison our wildlife. This makes Krown Rust Control not only good for your car but for the environment.

Krown Compared to Other Undercoatings

Unlike other undercoating products that are thick, Krown Rust Control is a petroleum product that is better able to penetrate very tight spaces. Many undercoating systems fail over time and can actually trap moisture against the components of the vehicle.

The Krown rust inhibitor solution is applied as a fine mist. The product spreads and covers each area needed. The Krown formula attaches to hard to reach places.

The Krown system isn’t just an undercoating system. Krown covers the entire vehicle. Doors, side panels, trunk, and truck are all included when Krown is applied. It is thorough and has staying power.

Krown not only protects your car from rust and corrosion but lubricate moving parts so that they continue to work like new. From door handles to window winders and locks.

Rust proofing is an investment in your car. Choosing Krown Rust Control can certainly add value to your car and prolong the look and life of your car.