Increasing Your Car's Safety With New Technology

Regardless whether your car is an old clunker or you’ve recently purchased it, the aftermarket technology can upgrade the overall safety of your vehicle. These technologies can add safety features to your car that will keep your car and passengers safer on the road.

It is reported that more than 30,000 drivers in the U.S. are killed in car crashes each year and sadly, more than 90% of these crashes are caused by human error. If you think about car crashes as a disease, updated car technologies can be considered a cure that can save millions of lives.

The new technologies can augment a driver’s skills and abilities when driving behind the wheel. The advanced sensors, auditory warnings, and visual displays can supplement existing features to enhance the vehicle’s overall safety.

Here are some samples of the newest and best technologies that you can add to your car and increase your safety on the road.

Back-up Cameras

Back-Up Camera


Starting May 1, 2018, all new vehicles will be required to have back-up cameras and for a good reason. Once the entire on-road vehicle fleet is equipped with these devices, is it estimated that hundreds of lives will be saved each year. Often referred to as a rear-view camera, these devices improve rear visibility by enabling drivers a wider view of what’s behind them when backing up. They are particularly beneficial for increased viewing safety since back-up cameras can reduce the blind spots that drivers encounter by up to 90% on average. The activation occurs when drivers shift into reverse and offer immediate views of what is behind the car.

Blind Spot Monitors

Blind Spot Sensors


With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, blind spot monitors (BSM) are one of the newer safety features to hit the market. As the name suggests, this device will alert you if an object, such as a car, is in your left or right blind spot. When the BSM is activated, your side-view mirrors or windshield frame will show a warning that there is an object in the blind spot. The technology is so advanced that some versions provide an audible warning, such as when you use your turn signal and there’s a vehicle in your blind spot.

Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors


Everyone knows how dangerous it is when objects are in close proximity to your car and you’re unaware of them. Well, now you can be a bit safer with the installation of parking sensors. Parking sensors have the distinction of alerting you when you come within close proximity of objects surrounding your car. When something is near, like a pylon, safety barrier in a parking lot, parking meters, etc., a series of warning beeps alert you to the fact that something is too close to your vehicle. This particular technology is very useful for drivers backing into tight parking spots or newbies learning how to reverse park.

The Final Responsibility

Hundreds of millions of cars on the roads have safety technologies that reduce the risk of crashes and deaths, but no safety feature, regardless how advanced, can replace a safe, focused driver. Even though these advanced safety features hold tremendous promise to help drivers reduce deaths and injuries, it is the responsibly of each driver to learn how to operate them appropriately so that they will be effective in conjunction with a driver’s focus on the road.

Even with taking precautions, accidents do happen. If you have been involved in an accident, contacts us today and our team of experts will be ready to help you with your collision repair needs.