Auto Body Paint Repair Service

You were in a collision and the last time you saw your car, it was a banged-up hunk of metal getting towed away from the accident scene. Now it’s at the auto body repair shop needing a whole lot of body work including repairing the paint that was damaged in the collision. Your insurance company has come in and given the go ahead for the work, but how do you know that everything will be fixed correctly? One of the key factors to getting your body work and paint done correctly is to choose a reliable shop from the onset that employs knowledgeable veterans in the auto body industry.

Clean Painted Car


An automotive collision repair technician is highly trained to prepare or review motor vehicle repair estimates to determine what needs to be fixed. They are skilled in carrying out these repairs such as hammering out dents, removing damaged fenders, panels and grills along with straightening out bent frames. The work may also include repairing or replacing doors, aligning the front-end body as well as interior components. All of this work is done in preparation for the filing, grinding and sanding prior to the painting repairs of the exterior surface.

The surface repair is essential so that you know the damaged area and paint work on your vehicle will be corrected properly. If done incorrectly or left untreated and exposed to the elements, your paint job will ultimately be ruined instead of having your vehicle receive the smoothest finish and highest possible gloss.

The Preparation

Masking Tape: The preparation for repainting requires the proper sanding equipment to get your car prepped for the actual painting process. Once the sanding is completed, the car is ready for the automotive masking tape that is used to cover all of the areas that are not being painted. The masking tape should cover the trim, windshield, door handles, headlights and taillight cutouts, key holes, weather stripping, wheels and tires. The more parts of your car that gets covered, the cleaner and longer lasting the paint job will be on your vehicle, because auto painting is a very detail-oriented job.

Primer: The primer is applied in two layers to ensure that the new paint will adhere to the car. Once the two layers have had amble time to dry, the paint is ready to be sprayed on to the vehicle. Most auto body shops will apply one to three coats of paint to cover any remaining imperfections to the surface. This procedure is followed with one or two layers of clear coating for a durable shine.

Matching Colours

Depending on the age of your car, one of the most challenging jobs for an auto body shop is matching the paint to the existing colour of the car. When the factory paint code is punched in for a car, most often shops will get 95% of the way to matching the colour, but the remaining 5% is done by technicians who really know their stuff. It can be tricky for body shops to duplicate the exact colour because factory paint jobs have what’s known as the orange peel texture, so always choose an auto body shop like Waterdown Collision to assure consistency of paint colour and texture over the entire vehicle.

Waterdown Collision is always up to date with the latest automotive paint technology to provide you the best services possible.

  • Computerized paint matching systemPaint Job
  • Digital imaging of colours
  • We achieve proper colour match in all light situations
  • Colours are automatically mixed by our computerized paint matching system
  • Automotive top coats are ultra-violet
  • Clear coat Paint has no reaction to sunlight (i.e., no fading or hazing)
  • Durable vehicle paint coating
  • Eco-friendly, waterborne paints that help protect our environment

Our shop includes

  • Two Nova-Verta Down Draft Refinishing Spray Booths
  • Two Nova-Verta Oven/Bake Paint Cure Systems
  • Factory Computerized Exact Color Match System

Automobile accidents can happen to anyone, but choosing a reputable auto body shop to handle your auto collision repairs and paint job can get your car back to looking like new again. Contact us for reliable and professional paint jobs and auto body repairs for your vehicle.