Do you have the desire to enter into your local demolition derby but don’t know where to start? Finding the right car and mustering up enough courage to actually do it will be your first considerations.

A Scrapyard with a beat up old car

You’d think any old car would do, but you’d be wrong (and this is something that you really, really don’t want to be wrong about) so putting your dad’s old 1988 Lincoln out of its misery may not be an option.

There are some basic considerations that you will want to keep in mind when deciding on the perfect wreck to wreck. Choosing your first demolition derby automotive partner is going to feel like your first car all over again.

Choosing your make and model

Yes, even though the relationship with your demolition derby car will likely be short lived, you will still have your preference when it comes to buying that car. Personal preference is only one factor that needs to be considered while on the hunt for that perfect wreck because when it comes to the demolition derby, size matters. You’re going to want to be the heaviest car in the pit so in this case bigger equals better. Think 60’s and 70’s vehicles if you can find them. These cars are much heavier than the cars of today and often larger. Pushing your weight around is key in a derby. Along with your incredible stuntman like driving skills you’ll want to have size and strength on your side when going bumper to bumper against the competition.

Finding that perfect wreck

Like most things in life, networking among friends and family will likely be the best way for you to acquire your demolition car. Put the word out there that you are looking. There is generally someone you know that just can’t let go of their old car and would love to give it a proper send off. If there are no takers, head to your local wreckers. It will likely cost you more, but the amount of running wrecks they usually have on the lot will be like shopping at your local dealership following the apocalypse. Other less likely spots to get that wreck of your dreams are your local mall or any parking lot for that matter. One person’s treasure is another’s junk, if you know what I mean. Local care dealerships will sometimes have what you’re looking for. Making trades on old clunkers just to get the deal is common practice and may just provide you with a winner.

Know the rules

It’s essential to know the regulation of any derby you plan to participate in. You will spend a lot of time researching your purchase and likely a considerable amount of time modifying your choice. In each event there may be different classes of vehicles; often these classes don’t include trucks, jeeps or soft top cars. You may want to take a look and see if your derby has restrictions on imports. Know your event as well as you know your car and there won’t be any surprises at the starting gate.

Once your demolition car is acquired, the hard work is done and the fun will begin. Planning for and participating in a derby can be the thrill of a lifetime! A great project for a family, organization or even an auto shop classroom. While the temperatures of summer disappear and the leaves on the trees start to change colour, it’s important to remember the thing we love about fall. Fall fairs are the highlight of the season and the demolition derby is usually the starring role in fall fairs across the country. Don’t miss out! Make this year the year you go home derby champ!

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