Body Shop Repair mechanic and client

If your vehicle is in need of repair, you want to ensure that the work needed is done correctly so you can feel confident when you’re back on the road again. To ensure you get the best service for your buck, it’s important to choose an auto body shop that not only uses current equipment and methods, but also offers a wide range of services. When you’re in the process of choosing a repair shop, look out for these qualities.

Collision Repair Certifications

One straightforward way to tell if your body shop is reputable is to look for certifications on the walls, or on the company’s website. Collision repair centres that boast a team of highly trained and professional technicians will have no problem making their certifications public.

The Canadian Automobile Association has a list of Approved Collision Centres that meet the organization’s guidelines for quality repair work. Each shop in the CAA’s network of collision repair facilities have trained technicians who perform repairs of the highest level, and which are backed by a lifetime warranty. Look out for a CAA Approval certificate to prove an auto body shop’s credentials.

i-car Gold Class CertAlso be on the lookout for I-CAR certificates. I-CAR is a training and recognition program operated by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada. Its goal is to continually update the skills of technicians working in the collision repair industry. Auto body shops can earn Gold Class status from I-CAR by maintaining qualified staff who update their skills annually. If you see an I-CAR Gold Class certificate in an auto body shop, you know their technicians use the most up-to-date techniques to carry out their work.

Good word of mouth

It may not be as easy to spot as a framed certificate on the wall, but listen to and read about what others have had to say about an auto body shop before you decide on using their services. Good recommendations from people you know will often point you towards a shop that knows their stuff.

If an auto repair shop starts lagging in their equipment, services, or methods, you’re more likely to hear negative stories about them. Up-to-date repair shops will continually produce quality results because they’ll be on top of the latest repair techniques, which in turn will result in more satisfied customers.

Modern technology to handle different tasks

Auto repair centres that use the latest technology can help restore vehicles to the state they were in before an accident. A centre that’s up-to-date with the latest advancements in vehicle repair will typically have laser straightening systems to help align a vehicle’s body and frame; a computerized system for matching paint colours; and spray booths for applying the finish to a repaired vehicle.

Solid guarantees and warranties

Repair shops that are lagging in their ability to produce quality jobs will be less likely to back their work with reputable guarantees. If a shop offers a lifetime warranty on their repairs, it reflects confidence that their tools and their methods will not result in work that needs to be redone (while still showing a willingness to redo the work if necessary). That confidence is an indication that the shop is up-to-date.