Preventing and Repairing Unsightly Dents and Dings

Whether a car is new or old, dings and dents can happen just about anywhere on your car. No matter where they occur, dents are both annoying and unsightly. These nuisances can range from a small ding that happens when a car is parked a bit too close to you and the door opens widely with your car getting the brunt of the impact. They can also happen when a wayward shopping cart is pushed by the wind into your vehicle leaving an ugly dent.

Minor car accidents, fallen branches, flying golf balls, hockey pucks, and kids playing baseball to close to your car can be culprits for causing dents. There and any number of other objects that can cause dents and chances are you will have to deal with these all-too-common occurrences. For the most part, if you take care of your car and protect it, the amount of these incidents will be few and far between, but sometimes the unexpected happens and getting a dent is not your fault. By being aware of the common causes of dents, you can help to prevent them from initially happening.

Resale Value:

If you are thinking of selling your car, any small dent can affect its resale value because it distracts from its appearance. On the other hand, a small dent that it quite unobtrusive with the dent in an inconspicuous place may not devalue or have any effect at all. However, whether you’re selling or buying a vehicle, it should be inspected for dents because the buyer will discount it from the purchase price if body work needs to be done. Buyers want vehicles that look neat and tidy with an overall body appearance that is free from dents.  After all, you wouldn’t expect to go to a dealership and buy a car with a dent it because it might very well detract you from making the purchase.

Protective Measures:

By being more cautious and aware of your surroundings, you can avoid unsightly dings from happening. By parking your car away from other vehicles, you reduce the possibility of a neighboring car door hitting your car’s body. If you must park among the crowd, be certain that you give yourself enough space on either side of other parked cars. Always open your door slowly and be aware of what is around your car, whether it’s a curb, railing, concrete bumper protectors or even a wall.

When backing out of a parking space, look carefully behind you for oncoming cars or another car backing up at the same time as you. Two cars hitting bumper to bumper is one of the most common causes of fender benders. It’s worth taking the time to educate your children about the cost of cars and teach them that a ding or two is a big deal. Teach them to be careful about leaving their bikes, balls, hockey equipment or other potentially damaging toys away from the car to avoid a mishap.

Although you cannot control the weather, hail is one of the most natural, damaging occurrences for creating car dents. If your car is exposed to a hail storm, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Damage is most likely to occur to your hood, roof, trunk and windshields.

dent removal deviceGetting it Repaired:

If you do find yourself in the need to fix a dent on your car, there is a paintless dent removal technique used by many auto body shops. Paintless dent repair is a very special process for dent removal that has been used extensively by car dealerships on used vehicles for obtaining that brand new look. Unless your car has significant paint damage that needs more comprehensive auto body repair, paintless dent removal can repair smaller and midsized dents quickly and easily. Waterdown Collision can help your car to look new again. Give us a call at 1-888-470-5072.