What other services do collision repair shops provide besides autobody repair?

Fixing a Car

At Waterdown Collision, our diligent and professional staff works hard to maintain low, affordable rates for our loyal customers who are seeking affordable auto services and repairs in Hamilton, Flamborough, and Waterdown areas. In this blog post we explore the many services we offer in addition to auto body repairs:

Dent Repair

Save time and money by taking your dent repair services, parking lot dents, car door dings and scratches to our repair center. We are highly skilled at making dents and dings disappear without a trace and instantly restore the look and value of your car. Most repairs can be done within a few hours. In fact, most minor dents and dings can be removed in less than one hour.

Glass Repair

Accidents happen! We always try to repair your windshield before replacing it with a new one, aiming to always save you both time and money. Sometimes, the type, size and position of the damage will necessitate the whole glass to be replaced. Unlike the windshield, in most cases, the side and rear windows, if damaged, will be in need of replacement. Should replacement be the case, our exclusive glass products are of the highest quality and come from certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Auto Paint

If painting your entire vehicle is required we offer economical paint services as well as high end, eco-friendly auto paint services to meet your requirements and budgetary constraints. We fix common auto damages including fading paint colour, salt damage, rock paint chips, loss of paint gloss, and auto paint cracking. Our auto body shop also uses a computerized paint matching system as well as a clear coat of paint that has no reaction to sunlight.

Rust Control

Protecting your car from the harsh Canadian winters is our top priority. Bring your car in for service and allow us to help you prevent the salt and moisture from deteriorating the value of your automobile and corroding the metal.

Interior Shampooing

Waterdown Collision expertly neutralizes odours and removes stains from all vehicles. Our staff will pre-treat, shampoo and extract if necessary. Once done, you’ll be proud of your vehicle and nobody will object to having you give them a ride.

Window Tinting

Waterdown Collision will install window tints that will fit your style and dramatically enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Some of the benefits of window tinting include increased comfort, blocked UV rays, reduced interior facing, reduced glare, and eliminated driver fatigue.

Wheel Refinishing

Wheel refinishing is an art and that’s why you should leave it to our experts to re-engineer the look of your wheels. We will help you restore your wheels to their factory condition or help you create a customized look that fits your style and comfort.

Rental Cars

While your vehicle is in the shop being repaired or serviced, we can offer you a rental car to get you by for the time being. We are a certified Enterprise depot with a fleet of 10 new rental vehicles on site. If you have no rental coverage on your insurance, we also have a fleet of 7 loaner cars that maybe available. Waterdown Collision serves residents in the Hamilton, Burlington, and Flamborough areas. Since first opening our doors in 1974, we’ve been committed to delivering outstanding customer satisfaction. That commitment is evident in our quality of auto repair and maintenance services, our lifetime guarantee, and our added value service items including our customer shuttle and rental cars on site.