Seven Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Road trips are a quintessential part of summer, but sweltering hot temperatures can make your ride sticky, uncomfortable, and in some cases even dangerous. So how do you keep your cool in the summer months? Here are seven tips to make your road trips more enjoyable this summer.

1. Cool down a hot interior

Stepping into a car that has been parked in the hot sun, can feel like you are getting hit by a blast furnace. To cool things down quickly, roll down all the windows and crank up the AC. After driving for a few minutes, the interior will be the same temperature as it is outside, and you can roll up the windows.

2. Save your hands from a hot steering wheel

During the summer, before you get out of your vehicle, turn your steering wheel 180 degrees. That way, the side you touch when you’re driving will be out of the sun while the car is parked and won’t burn your hands later.

3. Keep your car smelling fresh

A hot car can be a stinky car. For an easy air freshener, tape a dryer sheet in front of the air conditioning. This will help keep your interior smelling fresh. Consider stocking a box of dryer sheets under the passenger seat for quick access to constant freshness.

4. When the AC is broken

Summer travel with a broken AC can be uncomfortable, but you can help alleviate the problem by purchasing a solar-powered car fan. This works by being mounted to an open window. It helps expel hot air and helps with air circulation. Be aware however that this device will not work as well if you have tinted windows.

5. Avoid blow-outs

Blown out tires are more common during the summer months because people are travelling longer with heavier loads and on hotter roads. This happens most often when your tires are underinflated. It is important therefore to check your tire pressure periodically.

6. When your engine overheats

An overheated engine will inevitably delay your road trip but at this point, safety should be your primary concern. If you notice telltale signs like warning lights, a rising temperature gauge or steam coming from underneath the hood, pull over and wait at least 30 minutes before you open the hood. It may be that you just need to top up the coolant, but if the coolant tank is completely empty, it could indicate a leak and you will need some help from the pros.

7. Seek some shade

Sun can do a lot of damage to your car. It can fade both the paint and the interior. To help prevent this, try and park in the shade or in a garage when possible. When your car is parked in the sun, use a sunshade to help protect the interior.

From all of us at Waterdown Collision, we wish you a happy and safe summer, and we hope that these tips will help keep you cool on all your summer adventures!