For most Canadian households, having at least one vehicle is a necessity, but changing seasons, road salt, and humidity all wreak havoc on our vehicles in the form of rust. Left unchecked, rust is one of the biggest threats to cars and trucks in Canada, causing them to lose their value and become structurally unsound. It is no wonder that proactive vehicle owners turn to Krown rust control to help prevent the damage that can be caused by rust and corrosion.

What is Krown rust control?

The traditional method of protecting vehicles from rust was using undercoating products. These were wax or tar based coatings that were sprayed on the underside of the vehicle. While these may provide some coverage, they are not comparable to the protection of Krown.

rusted car in junkyard

How is Krown different?

Krown rust control treatment is a unique formula that is able to seep into all the nooks, crannies and spot welds in your vehicle that are most vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Krown provides protection to your car’s floor panels and helps to extend the life of other vulnerable parts like gas and brake lines and sensors.

But this treatment is not only applied to the underside of your car. Krown technicians at Waterdown Collision drill tiny, discreet holes in body panels so that a light mist of the Krown formula can be sprayed inside door, hood, quarter and trunk panels to provide superior rust protection from the inside out.

Krown also helps to lubricate and extend the life of other mechanical parts such as door handles, hinges, window winders and electrical connections.

What are the benefits of Krown?

There are many reasons why we recommend that vehicle owners have their car Krowned annually. Below are just a few of the benefits:

  • Higher resale value – rust is one of the biggest factors affecting the resale value of a car. Especially with older vehicles, buyers are looking for cars and trucks that still have a body that is in good shape. With annual rust proofing from Krown, you’ll be keeping corrosion at bay which will allow you to command a higher price should you choose to sell some day.
  • Lower repair costs – In addition to the savings you’ll see from not having to have rust repaired at your local body shop, Krown’s protection will help keep your car’s wiring and electrical system in good condition.
  • Increased safety – In addition to making your car look unsightly, rust can also affect the safety of your vehicle by weakening its structural integrity. Keeping rust away will also keep your vehicle safer, longer.
  • Extends the life of your vehicle – No one likes driving around in a car that looks like it is on its last legs. Krown helps vehicle owners keep their cars and trucks looking like new for a longer time.

Sometimes vehicle owners wonder whether Krown rust control is really worth the cost. But when you look at all the benefits, it is clear that this preventative treatment more than pays for itself in savings from decreased repairs and a better looking, safer vehicle.  If you live in the Waterdown area, such as Milton, Burlington or Hamilton, book your Krown appointment with us for fantastic service and care.