Keeping a clean car in the winter can be a real challenge in a Canadian climate, but it is important for your car’s maintenance to give it a good wash when things get out of hand with sand and salt mixed with ice and snow on the roads. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your winter car wash goes well.

drying a blue car


Touchless is Perfect This Season:  When your car has a lot of salt, sand and ice residue built up in different areas, a touchless car wash is best to avoid any scratches or damage to the exterior of the car.  Brushes and clothes can end up pushing built up material across the body of your car leaving scratch marks, therefore the touchless car washes that use powerful water jets are a safer option.  Although touchless car washes do no give you quite the same squeaky clean feel as some others, they are perfect for the winter season.

Above Zero is Ideal:  Easier said than done, to find a day to wash your car that isn’t absolutely freezing this time of year.  The concern is that your doors and windows may freeze shut if water is left behind after the drying process is complete.  If this a concern you have, make sure you wash your car at the beginning of a trip, so that the car is on, with the heat on for at least 15 to 20 minutes, giving it the opportunity to further dry off while staying warm.  This should ensure you can get into your car the next time you want to use it.

Consistently Clean:  Although it is more difficult in winter months, it is important to keep your car clean as often as possible.  Getting a car wash every couple of weeks in the winter months depending on the weather conditions will ensure that your car’s metal, chrome and paint are not being eaten away by salt, acid in the snow or rain, sand and road slush and mud.

If You Want it Done Right:  Many would often say you have to do it yourself, but this is not always the case.  Unless you have a garage that is warm, that you can wash your car in yourself, it is extremely difficult to wash your car in freezing temperatures without accidentally freezing your windshield wipers, locks, doors or handles.  Your best bet is to trust the professionals in this case.

Proactive About Paint: If you want to be extra careful about the maintenance of your vehicle over the winter months, consider using a paint sealant. This will protect your paint from the damage that salt and sand can have on the body of your car.  Sealing your car in the fall will last you all winter long and can also give your car an attractive high gloss finish.