5 Top Tips for Winter Driving

Staying safe on the roads this winter is surely a priority for all drivers in Southern Ontario, especially during inclement weather. There is so much we can do to increase our chances of avoiding a collision. Snow and ice don’t have to beat us this winter.

Our family’s safety is paramount while driving any time of year, but could use some extra attention during the winter months. So many variables can put your commute and indeed your loved ones at risk. Increase your chances of a safe arrival by checking off some of these driving tips.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Emergency supplies will come in handy if you are ever stranded during the cold winter months. Consider making a kit to keep in your car in case your vehicle is ever disabled in a storm. Your emergency supplies might include a first aid kit, jumper cables, a blanket, flashlight, small shovel, candles, matches, flares, nonperishable snacks, a phone charger and even a little bit of cash. The security of knowing you’re covered in case of an emergency is worth the investment alone. Hopefully, you’ll never need it.

Maintain a Safe Distance from Other Drivers

During inclement weather, distances should be increased allowing more time to react when needed. Reduce your speed. Roads can be treacherous when combined with heavy snow or ice. Give pedestrians extra room and time. It can also be dangerous for those you’re sharing the road with. Being mindful will increase your safety while on the roads during the winter months and also decrease your chances of being involved in a collision.

Keep Your Vehicle In Good Shape

This means ensuring all fluids are topped up and your windshield wipers are in good condition. Snow tires are always a good investment. They not only save lives but can lower insurance rates. Be sure to clear all snow from your vehicle. A car that has sliding ice and snow will become a danger to others on the road. Subscribing to a good roadside assistance program can remove a lot of the worry away from driving in the winter months.

Never Drive While Tired

Always make sure you are well rested when you step behind the wheel. During bad weather, it can take a whole lot longer to get where you’re going. Have patience and take your time. When you do feel too tired to maintain safe driving practices, always pull over. A sleepy driver is an impaired driver.

If You Don’t Have To Drive In A Storm, Don’t

During the worst weather do your best to stay off the roads. With all the best intentions and precautions, a Southern Ontario snowstorm can get the best of us. Sometimes the best way to avoid a collision is to simply stay home. Choosing to remain where you are might be your best defense.

Winter weather doesn’t have to defeat us. Driving can be done safely all winter long with a few precautions. Respect the roads, no matter what their condition. Arriving alive should be your only goal.

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