Alternatives to Drinking and Driving

In the early 80’s, drinking and driving became much more than frowned upon, it became illegal. With the movement came hiccups. Dad’s that weren’t going to be told they couldn’t have a beer in their own car; roadside tests that were anything but scientific and often not effective; and the slow progress in educating the public about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Today drinking and driving continues despite progress. There are, however, more alternatives than ever to drinking and driving. Having a plan is the root of success for all these alternatives.

Like anything in life, if we have a plan, success is more likely. Avoiding and finding an alternative to drinking and driving is no different. The alternatives to drinking and driving are numerous and there really is no excuse for breaking the law, putting yourself, your loved ones and others in danger.

Take a taxi

This is perhaps one of the most common alternatives to drinking and driving and likely one of the oldest.  When drinking and driving became illegal in 1980, and you lived in a city, this was no doubt your go-to way of getting that intoxicated body home.  Now, with the increase in options available, this alternative remains popular. Uber and in some areas, Lyft have increased the convenience of simply leaving the car at the party and getting a safe ride home.

Leave your car at home

This alternative to drinking and driving can also easily be considered the most successful as well. If you leave the car at home for a night out, you take that choice out of your hands. We all have the best intentions when we go to a party but after a few cocktails, we tend to not make the best decisions.  While nobody plans to drink and drive, one of the side effects of inebriation is bravado and plans can change when we are intoxicated.  Leave the car at home and this alternative may very well save your life.

Designate a driver

This alternative to drinking and driving can be an excellent way to get one’s drunk bottom home.  This alternative only works if the designated driver indeed stays sober. Choose this person wisely.  Perhaps you have a system in place, where each of you in a group takes turns throughout the year.  Even better?   Make friends with someone who doesn’t drink.  Providing you with an alternative to drinking and driving can make someone a best friend.

Have a sleepover

Whether you plan to stay over at the party or simply find yourself falling asleep on the bathroom floor of a stranger, this outcome is still an excellent one, when you consider the alternative. If you find yourself napping at the host’s house, bear that small amount of embarrassment and know you made the right decision.  We can all get carried away during an evening out. Don’t let this fact see you going down a road that could have irreversible consequences.

Drinking and driving kills. Don’t be the cause of someone’s heartbreak. Respect the privilege of driving and the right of others to use the road of transportation without the risk of intoxicated drivers making the trip unnecessarily dangerous.  Alternatives to drinking and driving are plentiful.  Make a plan and stick to it.