As September comes around, kids go back to making their daily commute to school. But what’s the safest way we can assure our kids make it to and from school every day? As all parents know, you can never be too safe when it comes to your little ones, so learning some safety tips for getting kids to school on time couldn’t hurt.

kids on their way to school in the bus

The School Bus

Your children may ride the school bus or you may be on your way to work and sharing your route with a school bus. Having respect for the passengers that that bus carries, will ensure that everyone arrives in one piece. Too many of us are not stopping and trying to pass those flashing lights. Whether you are behind or in front of a bus, stopping at least 20 metres away is the law and failing to do so can cause injury of even death to a child.

Crossing Guards

Crossing guards are the unsung heroes of the day. They are there to ensure your child crosses the street safely. If you feel as though they are putting themselves in danger to do this, you’d be right. Crossing guards help to make a busy intersection manageable for small children but only if those at that intersection are following the rules. Pay attention to the situation and to the instruction of any crossing guard on duty. Their instructions supersede any traffic lights and road rules. This will not only allow children to safely cross a busy intersection but encourage traffic to flow more easily. If is not only in the best interest of safety to adhere to a crossing guard but in the best interest of your commute.

Parking Lot Mayhem

Many of our traffic laws do not apply to parking lots. This should not encourage us to stop using our best driving practices. In a busy parking lot during pickup and drop off times, it can feel like a test track. Proceed with caution, use your patience and take the time to observe your surroundings. Remember, there are likely more pedestrians in any given school parking lot than cars, and this can make getting anywhere, fast, impossible. Driving the kids to school can be stressful but here are some tips to help:

  • Determine a less hectic space to make your drop off.
  • Ensure the children have a walkway to use once they are released from the safety of your vehicle.
  • Instruct your children often, to walk, not run and to always be looking for cars.
  • Remind them that in the instance of a collision, a car will always win.

Obey The Rules

Whether it’s simple etiquette, bylaws or traffic laws, obeying the rules put into place for everyone’s safety is key. If the sign says, no parking, no stopping, that means, no parking and no stopping. Often these areas are being reserved for emergency vehicles or are plowing zones. Also, don’t choose a crosswalk as a place to drop off your kids. Likewise, don’t block bus loading zones making it difficult and unsafe for the students to arrive and leave on their bus.

While taking extra precaution while drive in inclement weather is important and learning to drive can be a time of increased care when on the roads, school driving safety is in a category of its own. Driving laws around school zones is primarily protecting the safety of children. Getting the kids to school safely is a precarious task but one that can go smoothly with a little planning and a whole lot of care and patience.

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