Keeping Pets Safe in Cars

Taking your furry best friend along with you for car rides and road trip adventures sounds perfect, but pets don’t always travel exactly like humans. They don’t know how to put on a seatbelt; they are so excited about the trip they may want to run around the whole car and see out every window; or they might want to sit on your lap exactly like they do at home. All of these things can cause harm to you or your pet should you need to make an emergency stop or if your line of vision is blocked due to your buddy running around the vehicle. Here are some tips for keeping your best friend safe so you can enjoy many years of adventures together.

Find a Restraint for Them

Many pet stores will sell a variety of travel accessories for your pets. This might include a simple strap that goes from your dog’s collar into the seatbelt holder so they can’t move around the car so much. You can also find hammock-like seat protectors so they are safely confined to the back seat and the hammock will cover the space between the back seat and the front seats so your pet doesn’t slip off the seats while you’re driving. You can also, in the case of smaller dogs or cats, find seats for them to sit in while riding in the car. These seats slightly resemble child seats, and they will keep your pet safe for the entire trip.

Bring Food and Water

If you plan to travel for a long period of time – say a road trip – you will need to bring along water and something to eat for your pet. Some pets might be so excited they forget they are hungry, but you should still bring it just in case. This is especially important if you’re planning to travel during the summer months when it’s much warmer and pets can easily overheat. You should also plan to make some extra stops along the way for bathroom breaks and a brief walk for your dog.

Don’t Leave Them Unattended

In the summer, with the hot sun beating down, cars can heat up pretty quickly. Since our pets are covered in a lot more hair or fur than we are, they tend to have higher body temperatures and therefore they will heat up quicker. Even leaving a window cracked is dangerous for pet as it doesn’t allow enough air flow in to cool down the car and keep your pet cool. In general, it’s always best to avoid leaving your pet unattended in your ca.

Travelling with your best friend can be an amazing experience whether it’s hopping in the car and driving to a park you’ve always wanted to visit or seeing some friends in a city a few hours away. Whatever your reason for bringing your four-legged buddy along with you, they will surely have the best time with you but make sure they are safe in the car so you both enjoy your trip.