Is My Windshield Covered by Insurance?

You’re already paying a hefty amount for your auto insurance policy.

So you definitely won’t want your premium to increase in price.

But what do you do if you have a windshield needing a repair? Should you file a claim, or will this cause your insurance premium to skyrocket the following year?

Here’s what to expect when dealing with windshield damage and insurance companies.

Most Windshield Damage is Covered Under Comprehensive Policies

Although each insurance company can be different, most insurers cover windshield repairs under comprehensive coverage. Scratches, stone chips, vandalism and more are typically covered, although some circumstances may cause your insurer not to include the damage.

For example, a pitted windshield, caused when the windshield naturally ages, is considered wear and tear and will most likely not be covered under insurance.

When glass coverage is noted in your insurance policy, there is usually no deductible. Most insurance companies will deal directly with your body shop, meaning you won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket.

If a full windshield needs to be replaced, you usually only have to pay the deductible.

Your Insurance Rates Will Likely Not Increase

Upon submitting an insurance claim for windshield damage, your insurer will consider factors including your claim history and the amount of your deductible. Under most circumstances, your insurance premium will not increase following a windshield damage claim.

Since each insurance company is different, inquire about windshield damage coverage when choosing a policy.

Paying for Windshield Damage without Insurance

Want to avoid the hassle of making a claim with your insurance company?

If you decide to pay for the windshield damage yourself, you will know with certainty that your insurance premium will not be affected.

Windshield repairs and replacement costs vary and depend on the body shop you choose, the severity of the damage, and the type of vehicle you own.

The Important Role that a Windshield Plays

The windshield plays a crucial role in keeping the vehicle’s occupants safe. A windshield’s design helps transfer the force of a front-end collision to the chassis so that less personal harm occurs in a collision. Windshields also reinforce the vehicle’s airbag system.

When damage occurs to a windshield, the driver’s view can be compromised, and the integrity of the vehicle’s structure can be affected.

Not only is it unsafe, but it is also illegal to drive a vehicle with windshield damage in Ontario. At the very least, a ticket may be issued.

In more severe cases of windshield damage, the vehicle may be ordered off the road.

Avoiding a Windshield Replacement

When you require a windshield repair, it’s best to act fast. A small crack can quickly spiderweb into a more significant break – sometimes so large that an entire windshield replacement is necessary.

To learn more about windshield crack repairs and windshield replacements, contact our office today.