Although it is possible to repair your car’s paint scratch yourself, it is usually a lot more difficult than you originally envisioned it being. In the end, all your work and stress may be for naught if your scratch is still noticeable. Below are some points to consider prior to choosing to repair your car’s scratch yourself.

Lacking the Professional Eye

Repainting a scratch on your vehicle not only requires a high amount of patience, but also an attention to detail. A lot of time is necessary to properly prepare the vehicle’s surface to ensure the environment is free of dirt and dust. A strong attention to detail is needed when it comes to applying an even application of paint as well as touching up the paint. Choosing the best products to repair the scratch is also difficult since it depends on factors such as the climate where you live, your financial commitment, and whether you want short-term visual appeal or long-term durability.

Amateur Errors End Up Costing You More

If you try to repair the scratch yourself but are not happy with the results, be prepared to pay for your mistakes. When you end up taking your vehicle to the professionals, more will need to be paid to remove the old paint. If you don’t, even the best professional paint job may be only temporary.

Painting it Yourself Still Costs Money

You may be surprised at the cost associated with the do-it-yourself method. Besides the car paint itself, be sure to consider the cost associated with drop cloths, primer, clear coats, rubbing compound, etc. If you’re going to be shelling out quite a bit of money anyways, why not receive a professional paint repair job?

Possibly Making the Problem Worse

To ensure a proper job is completed, it’s crucial to know what type of surface area you’re working with. Are you sure that the mark is a scratch and not a scuff? If the mark is, in fact, a scratch, do you know how to properly sand the area so that no further damage is created?

Knowing when the Paint is Properly Dried

Even though car paint dries quickly, it can remain soft for days in warmer temperatures, weeks in cooler temperatures, or not at all when the temperature is below 50 degrees. This means that it is easier for the car to be dinged up if it’s used before the paint properly dries. In addition, waxing the car too early can destroy the paint job.

Call the Professionals to Repair Your Vehicle’s Paint Scratch

If you want your paint scratch to be repaired properly without added stress or difficulty, then contact the professionals at Waterdown Collision! In business since 1974, we are experienced with completing vehicle repairs while providing top quality workmanship. We are not completely satisfied with your vehicle’s repair until you are, too! Call us today for a free quote on your vehicle.