10 Gifts to Give Your Car This Holiday Season

Let’s assume your car has a gender. And let’s assume you’ve named your car. Maybe that name is one that your spouse wouldn’t let you use on one of your children. If this is you, you can bet that that much-loved car has its own wish list for the holidays. Don’t forget to put your car on your holiday shopping list.

What do you get a car that already has everything? Here’s a list of 10 gifts to give your car that is sure to please.

1. Air Freshener

If it’s been a while since your car last had that new car smell, treat the interior with one of many air fresheners on the market. Air fresheners have come a long way from the pine tree on a string. If you find traditional air fresheners too strong, consider one of the new vent air fresheners. Or keep that air freshener in the glove box. This will keep the scent down just enough to be enjoyed. An air freshener will make a great stocking stuffer for your car this holiday season. The kind of gift that gives back.

2. Floor Mats

If you’re tired of all the mess that snow and ice can make of your cars carpet, consider spoiling your car with the holiday gift of new floor mats. Floor mats designed for the winter hold all that moisture better than the traditional carpet mats that came with your car. They range in price depending on the calibre of your purchase. Floor mats will make a great gift for your car this holiday season.

3. Snow Tires

You can never go wrong with a set of new tires. Your car will be simply giddy on Christmas morning when those new snow tires are unveiled. If you haven’t already bought a good set of winter tires, the holiday season is a great time to make the investment.

4. Oil Change

We likely haven’t seen the worst of what winter has to offer by the time the holiday season is upon us. If you haven’t had your car in for an oil change lately, now is the time to get it done. So many of us will be travelling this holiday season and having your car feeling it’s best, is important.

5. Windshield Wipers

If your budget is tight this year, but you still want to get a little something for your car this holiday season, consider new wiper blades. These are inexpensive but still make a great gift for your car. In fact, all the cars in the neighbourhood will likely be outside Christmas morning trying out their new gear.

6. Car Detailing

Nothing says, “I love you” like a trip to the spa. Consider the gift of a good interior detailing for your car. Perhaps a good car wash is all your car needs to feel years younger? With all the messy weather that winter can bring, your car will thank you.

7. Roadside Assistance

If you don’t already have roadside assistance, now is the time to get it. It’s like health care insurance for your car. Giving your car the gift of peace of mind will go a long way in letting your car know just how much you appreciate all it does for you.

8. Bluetooth Adapters

The adaptations that your car could enjoy this holiday season are plenty. If your car is no longer a spring chicken, consider a Bluetooth cassette adapter. This adapter will enable music through your Bluetooth enabled device and calls can even be made through the speakers. Bring your car into this century and make your holiday, jolly this season.

9. Cellphone Car Charger

Consider the gift of a car cellphone charger for your car this holiday season. Your car will be grinning from headlight to headlight with this inexpensive but thoughtful gift.

10. Portable Battery Charger

If standing on the side of the road with a dead battery isn’t one of your car’s favourite things to do, consider a glove box battery car charger. This nifty device can boost your car on electricity. No need for hook up to another car. You and your car alone can solve the problem of a dead battery, bringing the two of your closer this holiday season.

Don’t forget your car this holiday season. Gift giving shouldn’t stop with the people in your life. Include your car this year in your holiday shopping. After all, it’s your car that cares for you all year long. Waterdown Collison can help you with all your gift giving needs this holiday season, contact us today!