Accident Free

car hits speed limit signNothing is worse than is getting into a car accident and having to pay that big auto body repair bill for your car.  Or even worse, your car is so damaged that you have to buy a brand new car, not to mention your insurance might rise as well. This is something that most people want to avoid at all costs. Over two million people die from car accidents around the world and it’s something that should be taken seriously at all times. Cars are built to be safer in car crashes and to help prevent them from happening. Yet car accidents still happen due to drivers who aren’t paying attention or purposely drive recklessly. Here are some helpful tips that will help prevent you from getting into an accident.

Seatbelts Save Lives

You make think that’s a cliché but it’s a true statement to live by. Seatbelts not only save your own life but also the lives of your passengers.  Make sure to tell them to buckle up to keep them safe, and to ensure you don’t get a ticket. It’s also mandatory to have a seatbelt otherwise you could be fined by the police, and nobody wants that.

Be a Defensive Driver

Be courteous to other drivers as it helps ensure everyone is in the proper mindset while driving otherwise people could start diving recklessly and endanger people’s lives including your own. Use your turn signals when you change lanes, and change lanes slowly and with caution. Look around, and try to predict changes in traffic ahead of time.  Don’t just keep an eye on the car’s brake lights in front of you, but watch the cars traffic habits up ahead.  Also, watch for people running red lights.  These accidents are the most deadly as often the people running the light T-bone you.

Don’t use your Cellphone while Driving

Not using your cellphone when you drive is one of the most important things of all. Most people will have their phone either beside them or in their hands while driving. This is probably one of the highest reasons for accidents that happen. People are not paying attention to the road but paying attention either the radio, phone, sibling, child, etc. which leads to these car crashes.  In Ontario, you will get a ticket if you are using a cellphone at a red light, so don’t even be tempted.  Even if you pull off to the side of the road you can get a ticket, so instead, park in a parking lot when you use your cellphone, and turn your car off when you do so.

Watch your Mirrors

Makes sure you looking at the car mirrors constantly. You never know if someone in coming from behind a fast speed or even if an emergency vehicle is coming so you can pull over safely. Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings and check your blind spots.

Maintain your Car’s Maintenance

Make sure you’re getting your oil changes and your breaks checked, check the tread on your tires, and other simple tasks to keep your car in good health.  Good tread on your tires also ensures you don’t skid into a light post during crappy weather.


Most accidents happen less than 10 minutes away from your home.  The reason for this is part statistics, and part stupidity.  Statistically, most of our errands or routines are about a 10 minute drive from home, such as going to work, getting groceries, or dropping the kids off at school.  Hence we are more likely to get into a crash as we spend 80% of our time driving close to home.  The other reason is that we get way too comfortable with driving around our homes that we stop paying attention.  We know where all the stop signs and stop lights are, and we tend to drive more aggressive, and speed more, and have less patience for other drivers who might be driving slower than normal because they don’t know the neighbourhood as well as we do.  Getting too comfortable with the roads, and speeding, or driving aggressively will eventually catch up with you, which will cause you to have an accident.  So follow the rules of the road, stay off your phone, and take your time while you drive so everyone gets to where they want to go safely.