The Best Car Accessories

Cars aren’t meant to perform all on their own. The right accessories can make your car feel more like home. Though pin striping may not be making a comeback anytime soon, your car could certainly use a little sprucing up during these dreary winter months. The best car accessories can be your car’s best companions.

Purse Pouch

If your purse has become a flying object more times than you can count, it may be time for the purse pouch. This handy little device attaches to the centre console of your car and is anchored by the headrests on either side. Your purse will find a comfy, accessible and safe home while you run those errands.

Dash Cam

Dash cams are useful for so many things. A great deterrent for would-be thieves and vandals. A visually accessible dash cam will often cool down the road rage that so many of us fall victim to each year. Like insurance, a dash cam’s primary function is to provide a piece of mind.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Depending on the make and model of your car and the stature of the person driving your car, blind spots can be a real danger. Some blind spots are small, and others can be large enough to affect the ability of a driver to make that trip safely. Blind spot mirrors attach to your existing mirrors, eliminating that danger. They are a great addition to any car.

Tire Gauges

Tire gauges can vary in their readings, leaving you confused and unsure about the actual air pressure in your tires. A digital tire gauge will take the guess work out.  They are easier to use and provide more accurate readings. A great investment for your car.

Comfort Enhancing Gadgets

While accessorizing your vehicle, think comfort. There are loads of neck rest, seat covers, and backrests designed to make that drive more comfortable.  You spend so much time in your car, why not make it a cozy drive.

Electric Blanket

Technology is revolutionizing those emergency kits we keep in our trunk. Consider an electric blanket that plugs into the lighter of your car. What will they think of next?

Glare Cutting Spray

Are the wipers and wiper fluid you use not cutting it when it comes to visibility.  There are sprays on the market that will help cut glare and keep your windshield clear during those rain storms.

Trunk Organizer

With so many trunk organizers on the market, there is no excuse for the clutter that can make our trunks unusable. Make the investment into a trunk organizer that fills your particular needs, and you will regain some of the storage your car is designed to provide.

With the holiday season upon us, these car accessories and so much more can be yours. You spend a good amount of time driving your car and a good amount of your money investing in the purchase and maintenance of your car, why not invest in some of the bells and whistles that can personalize your car and make it feel more like home.