The 8 Best Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Waterdown Collision advises all drivers to follow these winter car maintenance tips to get you & your vehicle through the winter months.

When it comes to getting your back to looking like it’s brand new again, nothing helps your car out more than a great cleaning. After a long, cold and dirty winter, vehicle spring cleaning is a great way to show your car a little love. If your car could talk, however, it would tell you that during the winter months, a little TLC can go a long way.

Consider this checklist of winter car maintenance to make your drive a cleaner, safer and more comfortable one.

1. Keeping Your Car Clean

Snow sludge, salt, and sand will promote poor visibility and possible corrosion. A good car wash should be used to rid your car of all this debris. Take care not to freeze locks, wipers, and doors.

2. Check and Change Your Oil

Before the cold weather hits, ensure your oil is in good shape. Oil can thicken when the cold temperatures hit. This can make it harder for your car to start. Use an oil that is intended for winter use.

3. Check and Top Up All Fluids

Coolant should be flushed and filled. Not only should you fill your windshield washer fluid, you should keep a jug in the car for those messy drives that seem to need an endless supply.

4. Make Sure Your Battery Is In Good Shape

Your battery will definitely take a beating during the cold winter months. Often, its ability to start your car can be decreased up to 50 percent with frigid temperatures. Your battery can be checked, charged or replaced if need be by your mechanic.

5. Don’t Let Your Tires Get Worn Out & Tired

Keep them in good repair. As the temperature drops, so does the air in your tires. Your tires will lose a pound of pressure for every drop of 10 degrees fahrenheit. If your tires are underinflated, they won’t grip like they are intended to do. Be sure to replace all caps.

6. A Full Tank Is Better Then A Tank Half Empty

Allowing your gas tank to drop below half can cause condensation in cold weather. This can cause your gas line to freeze and block the flow of fuel to your engine.

7. Warming Up Your Car Isn’t Good For The Vehicle

The more effective way to warm your engine is to drive your car gently at the beginning of every trip.

8. Always Make Sure Your Wipers Are In Good Shape

Even the best wipers can see a reduction in performance after six months. Examine wipers regularly and treat them with care when removed snow and ice from your windshield. Ensure your wipers are in optimal condition before the winter hits.

A good winter car maintenance list that gets checked off every year will most certainly give your car an easier time of it when the first snow falls. That first car wash in the spring is a refreshing experience for the driver but good winter maintenance will have your car thanking you all year long.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 8 best winter car maintenance tips to get you & your vehicle through the winter months. Waterdown Collision has many other useful Blogs to help get the most out of your vehicle. If you have any questions about any of our Services, or you would like an Estimate, feel free to Contact Us.