While car theft is on the rise so too is the popularity of car anti-theft devices. Finding the right one for you and your car, will have you sleeping a little better.

setting remote car anti-theft devices


There are so many ways for a thief or a vandal to wreck your car, steal your car and wreak havoc on your life. Your car is an investment and one that needs to be protected. Locking your doors is often not enough to secure your property, but many car owners are implementing car anti-theft devices to ensure their car stays intact and left right where they put it. Anti-theft devices are also giving drivers peace of mind. Finding the right anti-theft device for your car is key.

Invest in a car alarm.

Providing a deterrent is a very important factor to consider when choosing an anti-theft device. Car alarms are right up there as an effect deterrent. Car alarms are designed to emit a loud signal when the car is tampered with. When a window is broken, sudden movement and unauthorized entry occur a loud alarm will sound, alerting the owner and anyone within earshot of trouble. Any alarm you choose to install on your car should be visible to any potential thief. Car alarms can sometimes be deactivated by a seasoned car thief but remember, the alarm will primarily act as a strong deterrent.

Kill Switch

Consider installing a “kill switch.” These devices will disable the electrical system in your vehicle, making it impossible to drive away. A “kill switch” can disable the ignition or fuel system and can’t be de-activated until a series of tasks are completed. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install but check the warranty on your vehicle before-hand. Some car companies don’t allow these devices to be installed under warranty. Be sure to hide the device so that a thief does not gain access and disable it.

Electronic immobilizers

Many newer vehicles come with anti-theft devices built right in. These can include key fobs that have built-in microchips or transponders. These send signals to the car to prevent it from starting. Again, this kind of anti-theft devices primarily acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves. When an electronic immobilizer is in place, many thieves will simply move on to a more accessible vehicle.

Mechanical immobilizers

Mechanical immobilizers come in many different forms. A mechanical immobilizer’s biggest strength is its ability to deter a theft because they are highly visual. They are designed to prevent movement of the vehicle and restricts access to the car. Although they provide a deterrent to would-be thieves, a professional car thief will not be deterred, and it is recommended that any mechanical immobilizer is used in conjunction with another device.
The “club” is an example of a mechanical immobilizer and one of the most popular. The “club” is a steering wheel lock. It is installed over the steering wheel, locking it in place. The club is one of the least expensive anti-theft devices out there. A hood lock will deter potential thieves, leaving the battery inaccessible for resale. Along the same theme as these locks, there are also gear shifter locks, brake pedal locks, and ignition locks. All make theft more work and therefore will have that thief moving on to their next victim.

Alternative methods

A unique 17-digit serial number is displayed on the dash of every vehicle but can be etched on other parts of your car. When you etch the VIN on the windows and other parts of your car, you enable your car’s parts to be tracked, making them virtually worthless to a would-be thief.

Tracking systems are the best anti-theft devices out there but come with a bigger price tag. These systems offer real-time tracking abilities and often allow car owners to track the location of their vehicle within the hour of being stolen.

With the incidence of car thefts on the rise, doing nothing to prevent falling victim is no longer an option. Of course, prevention is key. Locking your doors and keeping your car out of sight will go a long way in keeping your car safe and sound. Taking secondary measures will add to the security of your car and also to your peace of mind.

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