If your car looks like it has seen better days, your calendar is probably telling you that it’s late winter. Your car is not immune to the effects of the cold winter months. Maybe it’s time to show it a little TLC and do a little car spring clean.

Salt and sand can have your car looking older and in worse shape than it actually is. A spring clean can take years off the look of your car. Consider a spa day for your car.

Your first step in spring cleaning your car and getting rid of those pesky salt stains is to remove those winter tires. They served a purpose for a time, but as temperatures rise, they are no longer providing any additional safety and can, in fact, be counter-productive. Have them removed and stored until they are needed again.  Be sure to have your other tires balanced when they are reinstalled.

A good car wash will go a long way in ridding your car of all that salt from the winter months.  Leaving it there will do the body of your car no good. If it’s a nice day you might choose to take all that dirt, salt and grime to task yourself. Taking your car in for a professional wash might be more your speed.

Once clean, a good wax is in order. A good wax, applied properly will leave a great shine on your happy car and will repel water, protecting the paint with a seal. If you do a good job, a wax job can last up to six months.

Details matter and this is especially true when it comes to your car.  Once all that road salt is behind you, take a good hard look at your car. All those nooks and crannies will need a little attention. Take a walk about the exterior of your vehicle. With a little elbow grease and the right product, those rims and tires can be shining like new. Windex the exterior of the windows and don’t forget the mirrors. You may need to readjust them when you are done with the cleaning.

Now hop inside. There’s no doubt that the interior of your car has taken a beating this winter as well.  Start by emptying any garbage from your seats, under your seats and in those cup holders and console.  The glove box also makes a great junk drawer.

Grab some product, a cloth, and some paper towels and rid your car of all the dust. Nothing like a nice sunny day to show us just how much dirt is on the inside of our car. Consider a new air freshener.

A spring clean of your car that gets rid of all that is nasty about winter will leave you feeling excited to take a long spring drive through town. A good spring clean will have you falling in love with your car all over again.

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