Why Philanthropy is Important

“Philanthropy” is defined as goodwill toward other people. That includes monetary gifts, volunteering, and other humanitarian acts. Waterdown Collision has dedicated a lot of energy and money to charitable causes. We are a local family business that cares. Since 1974.

Through our seasonal Community Outreach Initiatives, Waterdown Collision supports a variety of important local and national causes.  Click here to check out our current initiative

Why does philanthropy matter? Here are 5 reasons.

#1. Philanthropy strengthens community

We're all "connected" now, due to technology like the internet, yet we've never been more separated in other ways. For many individuals, the days of a close-knit community seem aeons gone. Philanthropy fuels an individual's or organization's participation in their community. Philanthropy pulls individuals together to support a cause larger than themselves, whether it's via time or money. There is a far stronger sense of togetherness and belonging in a culture where giving freely is widespread.

#2. Philanthropy is contagious

Philanthropy is significant because it has a domino effect. When an individual or organisation makes a contribution to a cause, others take note. Philanthropists frequently hold significant power in their communities. It has a big impact when they utilise their power for good. Everyone is looking for a sense of purpose. When they find that it can be found through charity, they will give it a shot.

#3. Philanthropy benefits mental and physical health

Philanthropy is the act of looking beyond oneself and assisting others. Most individuals feel a high feeling of personal fulfilment as a result of this. People who believe they have a purpose and are making a difference in the world have higher emotional health. According to research, giving might lessen stress and depression symptoms. Philanthropy can help people feel less lonely when they serve alongside others.

The advantages of philanthropy go beyond enhanced mental health. Physical symptoms of stress include headaches, elevated blood pressure, and a compromised immune system. Your physical health can improve with less stress. Charitable contributors had lower blood pressure, according to research from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Tennessee. Several studies have found a correlation between selflessness and a longer life span.

#4. Philanthropy supports underfunded causes

Because governments cannot meet the requirements of all causes, philanthropy is essential to society. Certain government budgets are frequently decreased due to politics or the necessity to reallocate funds elsewhere. This may leave gaps in regions where assistance is required. Individuals and corporations with philanthropic hearts fill in the gaps by supporting causes and organizations that do not receive government financing. Many societal needs would go unfulfilled if charity did not exist.

#5. Philanthropy helps you learn more about the world

A generous mentality entails more than simply donating money to every cause or group that requests it. People who are sincerely interested in charity are eager to learn more about the world and to try new things. Causes become more personal and genuine as a result of volunteering and investigation. This broadens one's viewpoint, sharpens empathy, and ignites one's enthusiasm.

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